Ecologic Advisors Inc. provides ongoing analysis to the financial community.   Ecologic Advisors Inc. has developed the Global Ecological Equity Portfolio.

Ecologic Advisors founder Frank Morris has also trademarked the Earth Index, to track the changing values of public companies that meet positive environmental screens.  

From Feb 2013 to April 2014, the ecological portfolio was aggregated by the Epiphany Global Ecologic Fund, ticker EPENX, a 40 Act mutual fund.

In February 2014, EPENX performed in the top 2% of global equity funds.  While in existence, EPENX consistently outperformed it's equity benchmarks.

Public equities providing organic foods, metal recycling, rail, bicycles, energy storage, water services, water utilities, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other competitive ecological solutions make up the portfolio.  

The ecological portfolio is available to all investors.  Ecologic Advisors Inc, provides ongoing written analysis, portfolio review, and portfolio weightings on a consultancy basis.

Frank Morris  

Founder Ecologic Advisors Inc.

Ecological Portfolio Development and Analysis